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Continuing Qualifications Requirements

Focus: Maintaining the meaning of your certification and qualifications as a professional Radiology Technologist.

CQR helps Radiology Technologist reassess and improve current practice knowledge and it equips technologist with advanced skills in evolving technologies. Because of accelerated technology and growing capabilities “once certified forever qualified” isn’t the best practice motto.

What you need to know about CQR:
  1. CQR applies to any credential (primary or post-primary) earned after January 1, 2011
  2. CQR is completed every 10 years for each discipline and must be completed in 3 years. ARRT will send notification regarding when to start the process.
  3. Important to Note: The Structured Self-Assessment (SSA) is not a test and you cannot fail it.
  4. CE – you can use most prescribed CQR CE for your biennium CE
  5. In most cases, there is no cost for CQR
Based on the Self-Assessment findings participants may receive a customized list of targeted learning opportunities. These are content specific topics identified by the self-assessment as an area of need and designed to reveal opportunities that support quality of care and safety for patients. RT’s must complete the continuing education in the targeted areas within the last 3 years of the 10-year certification and registration period.

AHEC has approved activities listed within your ARRT CQR tool. Just click on “Accepted Activities” for a list of approved activities within the content category you have been assigned.

If you see an AHEC CE Activity not current approved please contact us to see if we are able to get the content approved through ARRT.

Benefits of CQR for Radiology Technologists:
  • Add value in professional development
  • Gain personal insight in to major and subtle differences in your profession over time
  • Provides validation of your knowledge and skills advancement
  • Opportunity to re-energize your career
CQR ensures that Radiology Technologist, "Once Certified forever learning, evolving and developing."

Structured Education
  • Structured education applies to technologists applying for an ARRT Exam
  • 16 hours of Structured Education in the respective discipline is required prior to applying for an exam
  • AHEC’s initial training and review courses are approved for Structured Education
Click here for a list of courses that are approved for Structured Education and specific subtopics of CQR