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Approvals (cont.)

What is the difference between A and A+ credits?
The difference between Category A and A+ is a designation assigned by the RCEEM that approves the course. If you are a RT you can take either A or A+ credits. RRA's with questions should go to www.asrt.org for specific requirements.

Are AHEC's Home Study and/or CE courses approved for CE credit that ARRT will accept for my license renewal?
Yes, AHEC's Home Study and CE courses are approved for Category A credit, by AHRA, ASRT or SDMS. These approval agencies are designated by ARRT as a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanisms (RCEEM).

**ARRT will not accept ACCME Category I approved courses. See CME Approval below for ACCME Category I approved courses.

Will these activities be accepted for my CE requirements for my state license?
Yes, states which require mandatory reporting of your CE credits accept courses approved by an ARRT designated RCEEM.

**Some states require CE activities completed for licensing requirements be directly related to the administration of ionizing radiation, or have other specific requirements. Please consider your state regulations for CE courses or Home Study activities prior to your purchase.
  • California
    California technologists (XT's and CRT) need to earn 24 credits in the 2 years prior to the expiration of their certificate/permit. Certified supervisors and operators (California Licensed Physicians and Surgeons, Podiatrists, or Chiropractors) are required to earn 10 CE credits in the 2 years prior to the expiration of their certificate/permit.

    For certified RTs in California, regulations require CE credit to be earned in subject material related to the application of X-ray to the human body. CE may include X-ray administration, X-ray pathology, X-ray diagnosis and X-ray quality control. However, due to the subjects in magnetic resonance imaging (MR) and ultrasound are not related to the application of x-ray to the human body, CDHS will not accept them for CE credit.

    AHEC is an approved provider of continuing education for California license renewal, including mammography. Our venipuncture courses follow the Cali¬fornia regulations for approved education curriculum.

    For more information about CE requirements in California please visit the website.


  • Florida
    Home Study courses are approved by the State of Florida, Department of Health Bureau of Radiation Control, and Radiologic Technology Program. Some credit assignments may be different than listed in our marketing material. AHEC live CE seminars offered within the State of Florida have Florida approvals.

    **Florida RT's registering for CE courses offered in other states, or for skills courses in held in our Houston location should request AHEC obtain state approval for Florida for the course. The request must be submitted 90 days before the class date to allow adequate time for processing.

  • Texas
    AHRA and ASRT approvals are accepted. Fifty (50) percent of the required 24 continuing education must be direct credits, related to the performance of procedures involving ionizing radiation. Three (3) of the 24 must be instructor led education.
Is there a limit on the number of Home Study activities or Directed Readings I can complete for my ARRT renewal?
ARRT does not limit the number of CE credits earned through Home Study or Directed Readings. However, certain states do have limitations on the number of hours that can be used to satisfy CE requirements. Please consider your state requirements regarding live versus self-study hours/credit.

Do you report my CE credit to the ARRT, ASRT, of State licensing board?
No, the ARRT and ASRT do not allow CE providers to report CE activity for individuals. All certificates of completion you receive from AHEC contain the proper information required to be reported to the ARRT. For more information visit: www.arrt.org.

RT's who are ASRT members utilizing the CE tracking program are responsible for submitting activity documentation directly to the ASRT.

Does a CE activity or Home Study topic have to be specific to my registry credentials?
It is recommended, but at this time not required by the ARRT. For registries obtained after December 31, 2010 check Continuing Qualification Requirements (CQR) on the ARRT website.

** Some states do have specific requirements on CE topics. Please check your state requirements.

Can I attend the same CE course more than once?
Yes, but not in the same biennium period.

Can I repeat a Home Study activity more than once?
No, ARRT does not allow for a Home Study activity to be repeated after the initial completion.

Does AHEC maintain records of the CE courses/activities I have completed?
Yes, records for attendance are kept for up to 6 years after the completion - as required by CE approval agencies.

Does AHEC maintain records of the CE course/ activities that I have purchased from AHEC?
Yes, through our Customer Management System.

CME Approval Information
The Advanced Health Education Center, Ltd. is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians.™ Although ARRT does not accept ACCME Category I credit, AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ are available for AHEC activities for medical professionals whose credentialing agencies recognize Category 1 credit, i.e. (sonographers and physical therapist). Please contact us prior to the scheduled course if there is not an ACCME designation statement on the course description you are interested in attending.

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