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Carotid Ultrasound Training from Advanced Health Education Center

Physicians, sonographers and other medical professionals who need carotid ultrasound training can obtain it at Advanced Health Education Center. We offer a two-day carotid ultrasound course at our campus in Houston, Texas, which is conveniently located near the world famous Texas Medical Center. The course is held at scheduled dates throughout the year, so it is ideal for both local participants and participants traveling from a distance.

Why Carotid Ultrasound Training?

Carotid ultrasound is the best diagnostic test for determining whether a patient has carotid artery disease, as it is designed to identify plaque buildup in the internal and external carotid arteries on the sides of the neck. Clinicians who perform carotid ultrasounds must obtain proper training to perform the test correctly and diagnose carotid artery disease accurately.

At AHEC, we offer carotid ultrasound training as a single two-day course, or as part of a 7-day vascular ultrasound and venous ultrasound program. In the 7-day course, participants will learn ultrasound techniques for the entire vascular system, including the carotid arteries. There will also be discussion on the multiple variables that can be present in a patient, such as cardiac output, dehydration, and infection.

At the completion of the two-day Carotid Duplex Ultrasound course, participants will be able to:

  • Correctly identify vessel anatomy and orientation in a carotid ultrasound examination
  • Identify the variations in instrumentation and Doppler principles and the effects in scanning parameters
  • Describe the flow characteristics and manifestations of carotid artery disease
  • Discuss QA of the carotid ultrasound procedure and equipment
  • Analyze the results of a carotid artery exam for pathological conditions, and in certain cases, quantify the diseases
  • Identify additional resource information on carotid duplex ultrasound

Types of Carotid Ultrasound Training Courses:

The course begins with lecture and case studies, and concludes with hands on laboratory scanning practice. To learn more, view a full course description. Then, take a moment to contact AHEC for additional registration information. We will be glad to provide it.

Call AHEC at (800) 239-1361, or fill out the contact form and we will gladly respond to your inquiry on our carotid ultrasound training course.