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Echocardiography Training Course is Offered at Advanced Health Education Center

For echo ultrasound training courses that further your knowledge base and sharpen your echocardiography interpretation skills, contact the educators at Advanced Health Education Center (AHEC). We are the leading resource for imaging education in the United States, and our renowned echocardiograph course is well known throughout the medical community. It’s no wonder that physicians and clinicians from all over the world come to our Houston, Texas campus to attend our echocardiography interpretation course.

Why an Echo Ultrasound Course?

Over the past decades, the interpretation of an echocardiogram has come a long way from evaluating wall motion abnormalities to calculate an ejection fraction. Now, clinicians have copious amounts of information available to them in the echocardiogram; the number one challenge they face is knowing how to interpret it. In our echocardiograph course, participants will learn how to interpret all the views and data on the echocardiogram so that better diagnoses can be made. We will also address the following topics:

  • 2-D measurements
  • M-Mode analysis
  • Color flow Doppler
  • Pulsed and Continuous Doppler measurements and analysis
  • Continuity equation
  • Simpson’s method of Disks
  • Tissue Doppler
  • Diastology
  • Systolic dysfunction
  • Contrast media
  • Analysis of valvular regurgitation
  • Valvular stenosis and valve area
  • Pulmonary artery pressure measurements
  • Current ASE requirements for a complete Transthoracic Echocardiogram

We will also address some common diagnostic challenges with the echocardiogram, such as poor imaging windows and limited data. This is the ideal course for physicians who are applying for credentials, accreditation, or reaccreditation, because they can quickly and efficiently acquire documentation for additional case studies and continuing medical education (CME).

Echo Ultrasound Training for Today's Provider

Technology regarding echocardiography is constantly evolving. Even if you were trained 10 years ago, the technology you learned on then is obsolete when compared to the technology of today. AHEC online offers courses that use the latest technology and science to ensure providers are able to home in their skills and read echocardiography results with accuracy.

The echocardiography course at AHEC offers interpretation skills, clinician training, and more. By registering for the echocardiography course, you can further your career or the careers of specialists working within your facility - and most importantly, increase the level of care you provide to your patients.

Learn More About our Echocardiography Course

To learn more about our echo ultrasound interpretation course, contact AHEC today. We also offer additional echocardiography courses designed to further your education in echocardiography; visit our website for a complete list of echocardiography courses.

To register for a course or request more information, contact AHEC at (800) 239-1361, or fill out our contact form to receive a call from our administrators.

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