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Mammography Initial Training

Advanced Health Education Center provides new and popular continuing education courses covering mammography skills, standards and current practices. This course is approved for mammography continuing education and is designed to keep you up-to-date in the mammography field. The topics covered in our mammography CE courses include topics such as: breast anatomy and physiology, best positioning skills for routine and pathologic breasts, film critique, clinical review, quality control, pathology, special procedures, imaging the augmented breast, digital imaging, digital breast tomosynthesis and stereotactic breast biopsy procedures. Detailed instruction is given in these instructor directed presentations. The goal of each class is to deliver current relevant information that will improve the learners skills and transfer easily to benefit the workplace. This practical approach to learning mammography is applicable to all technologists performing mammography.

This practical approach to learning mammography is applicable to all technologists performing mammography. Professional liability insurance is provided for on-site clinical rotations. Clinical dress codes apply for the clinical rotations. Current ARRT radiography registration and state licenses are required for admission to the training. This mammo CE course has been evaluated and meets the 40 contact hour initial training requirements as mandated by the MQSA standards for the FDA. You will also receive 32 hours Category A credit. This course meets the guidelines for states requiring special education for mammography.

Training Options

In April 1999, the final rules of the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) became effective that required entry level training for mammography including the performance of 25 patient procedures under the supervision of a qualified mammographer. Advanced Health Education Center, Ltd. has been accomplishing the required mammography CE training through two training options listed below.

Option 1

Facilities may supervise the MQSA required 25 patient procedures for their employees following the didactic program. The supervising clinical faculty must meet the MQSA requirements. Supervising clinical faculty will be required to supervise, document and return original clinical evaluation forms for students to complete the course.

Option 2

Provides a clinical site for the required 25 supervised mammograms. An expert mammographer at one of our clinical partners in Houston works with the participant to ensure they complete the necessary procedures correctly. Option 2 participants must attend the Digital Breast Tomosynthesis 8 hour continuing education course in order to be able to complete the required number of exams. Our partner clinical sites have state-of-the-art facilities and perform as many DBT exams are they do routine mammograms.

To learn more about our mammography initial training courses at AHEC, please contact our facility today to request more information for a list of our mammography courses.

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