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Online Continuing Education Courses for Medical Professionals

Online Education

Advanced Health Education Center (AHEC) offers online continuing education courses for radiologic technologists, sonographers, nurses, and more who are looking to earn CE credit and increase patient care. With everything from online live webinars, videos, text activities, and audio slides, you have endless possibilities to expand your professional skills from the comfort of your home.

To serve patients to the best of your ability, staying abreast of current skills and earning CE credits are crucial for your success. Are online continuing education courses the right choice for your healthcare career? Learn more with AHEC.

Why Take Online Continuing Education Courses?

If youíre in a time crunch or unable to fit traditional classes into your schedule, online continuing education classes are a quick and accessible way to earn CE credits. With a variety of modules and credit hours, you can tailor your learning to exactly what you need to meet your educational requirements.

As a healthcare professionals CE credits are required to maintain licensure and better assist you in standing out in the medical field, online classes offer the flexibility for busy professionals who may be battling:

  • Non-traditional work hours: For those working night-shift or consistent overtime, online courses allow you to learn when itís convenient for you.
  • Trouble traveling: Working in healthcare means itís near impossible to travel two hours a week to a training centeróan online course allows you to earn credits anywhere.
  • Expenses: By eliminating the need for travel or physical materials, youíre able to cut costs and focus on acquiring your continuing medical education credits.

When youíre facing difficulties attending in-person classes, online education courses offer you the opportunity to learn from approved learning methods to better serve patients and earn credit hours.

What Online Education Courses Does AHEC Offer?

Whether youíre searching for continuing education for radiologic technologists online or another healthcare profession, AHEC provides a multitude of classes to fit your schedule and credit requirements.

With online courses ranging from 1 to 28 credits at a variety of price points, AHEC offers the following categories for healthcare professionals:

  • Bone densitometry
  • Computed Tomography (CT) Radiology
  • Diagnostic Radiology
  • Digital Radiology
  • Mammography
  • MRI
  • Quality Management
  • Radiation Safety
  • Fluoroscopic Radiation Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness in Medical Imaging

AHECís wide range of online courses offers healthcare professionals the necessary skills and education to serve patients with the utmost care in specialty practices.

How to Register for AHEC Online Education Courses

Upon purchasing the online education activity, you will receive a link to the course in your email. If you are viewing a live webinar you must attend the course at the day and time specified. Once the course has concluded your attendance is verified and your certification will be sent to you via email. To Test involved. If you completed a On Demand course, once you have finished the course and completed the exam with a 75% passing rate, you will have access to your certificate and credits immediately.

To succeed in AHECís online courses, depending on the format you chose you may need:

  • A steady internet connection
  • Adobe Flash
  • A computer with sound and video capabilities, Windows XP (or higher) or Macintosh is preferred
  • One gigabyte of RAM
  • Heightened concentration and time management skills

Itís important to note that On Demand courses include an expiration date, so if you plan to complete the course at a later date you should confirm the date first before purchasing.

Start Earning CE Credits Today with Online Education Courses

Whether youíre looking to earn CE credits or expand your knowledge within a specialty field, online continuing education courses offer you the flexibility to complete coursework on your own time. AHEC offers a variety of continuing education skills and class types for you to earn the necessary credits and receive a certificate immediately.

For a list of available online education courses and to purchases visit our online store or call (800) 239-1361.