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Physician Ultrasound Training CME

Physicians looking to expand their practices by offering ultrasound services can obtain the training they need from Advanced Health Education Center (AHEC). Located near a major medical complex in Houston, Texas, AHEC is the premier ultrasound training destination for physicians from around the world. We offer physician ultrasound training for the following ultrasound procedures:

What Makes Our Physician Ultrasound Training Different

At AHEC, we understand that even the most seasoned physicians require cross training, continuing medical education and skill set expansion in order to stay competitive in the field. Since 1988, we have offered the courses that doctors need to stay on the cutting edge of imaging technology services such as ultrasound procedures. We also offer a wide range of opportunities for those interested in physician ultrasound training; choose from a course at our 12,000 square foot facility in Southwest Houston, or select from a list of performance improvement seminars in 100+ cities around the world.

We schedule these seminars throughout the year so that busy physicians can conveniently update their existing skills, network with their peers, and learn from highly qualified ultrasound experts. We also offer independent study and online education options that may be suitable for your needs - and for physicians who wish to train the entire practice in ultrasound, we offer a partnership opportunity that involves training at your ultrasound-equipped location.

Explore our Physician Ultrasound Training Options

Physicians who are interested in learning more about our ultrasound training options can view an physician's CME ultrasound course list for scheduling, course descriptions and pricing information - or view our list of Live Webinars for online education options. To speak with a representative about any of our training options, please contact us today.

For more information on physician ultrasound training options, call AHEC at (800) 239-1361. If you wish to fill out our contact form, we will respond as quickly as possible.