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Point of Care Ultrasound Course at Advanced Health Education Center

Continuing medical education (CME) is an essential part of being a healthcare professional. Working with public health and well-being, healthcare providers must continually improve their practice, knowledge, and service. It is not only about learning new and emerging trends in the healthcare industry, but continuing medical education helps set the mindset of healthcare providers that they can keep adding new tools in their toolbox. So, they’re ready to face any challenge.

In Point of Care Ultrasound, the “Golden Hour” is one of the pillars of emergency medicine. This unique diagnostic tool enables the clinician to capitalize on the speed, portability and accuracy of ultrasound to take advantage of every minute. Having Point of Care Ultrasound skills to evaluate the abdomen, first trimester pregnancy and cardiac ultrasound may make the difference between life and death. Utilization of point of care ultrasound at the bedside allows detection of DVT and has proven to help reduce the number of pulmonary emboli.

Point of Care Ultrasound CME is designed to help clinicians demonstrate clinical proficiency and knowledge. Upon completing the course, they receive the certificate of completion. This certificate represents that a clinician has undergone comprehensive training and met the high community-defined standards in point of care ultrasound (POCUS).

The Point of Care Ultrasound course, Focused Fast Ultrasound, is available to any physician assistant, physician, healthcare providers, nurse practitioners, and hospitalists (Family Medicine, Critical Care, and Internal Medicine). Clinicians have the opportunity to work and collaborate with other healthcare professionals. The hands-on training promotes continuous learning that will help clinicians provide the best healthcare services possible.

What Do the Point of Care Ultrasound Courses Include?

  • Key elements of POCUS
  • Interactive sessions where ultrasound images are discussed
  • Understanding of findings based on ultrasound images
  • Online assessments and image simulations
  • Clinical scenarios that show the use of bedside ultrasound in therapeutics, diagnosis, procedures, and how to improve patient conditions
  • Will cover global cardiac activity, intrauterine pregnancy, abdominal aortic aneurysm, pneumothorax, pericardial effusion, pleural effusion, and abdominal free fluid.

The Point of Care Ultrasound course aims to:

  • Discuss basic principles of POCUS and its application in acute care medicine
  • Determine the causes of conditions (emergent and urgent)
  • Identify abnormalities through generating high-quality ultrasound images
  • Prepare enrollees for written, visual, and practical assessments

How to Get a Point of Care Ultrasound Certification

Medical professionals will start with the fundamentals of the POCUS course. A certificate for the will be given to represent that a student has completed the basic course.

Why Enroll in a Point of Care Ultrasound Course?

AHEC’s online Point of Care Ultrasound course offers several benefits to healthcare professionals already working in the field.

  • Flexibility – Determine the right pace of studying and work around a busy schedule.
  • Availability – All materials are available online whenever needed.
  • Compatibility – Materials are accessible and compatible with different gadgets.
  • Focused – Enrollees can focus on chosen specializations.
  • Feedback – Enrollees are presented feedback based on assessments to focus on areas to improve on.

In situations where critical decisions have to be made in a limited amount of time, clinicians have to be knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled to make such decisions that will impact the lives of patients. The Point of Care Ultrasound Certification is designed to supplement the knowledge and skills that medical professionals have. Having a POCUS certificate empowers clinicians and brings about confidence to make the right decisions every day in high-pressure settings.

With more and more medical professionals enrolling in Point of Care Ultrasound courses, it helps build and create global standards for POCUS and patient care that can only be improved through continuous assessments and education.

Learn More About our Point of Care Ultrasound Course

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