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Ultrasound Continuing Medical Education (CME) Courses

Medical professionals who need continuing medical education credits can find challenging, informative hands-on skill building ultrasound courses at Advanced Health Education Center in Houston, TX.

Our location in greater Houston metropolitan area neighbors the largest medical center in the world, and this has provided AHEC with a network of professionals and partnerships that have enabled growth and development of our CME programs. The programs have remained small and the number of participants is limited in order to provide the personal training that has remained AHECís specialty. As the quality has maintained throughout the years AHECís reputation has grown and the objectives have expanded. More than 30 percent of training attendees report a personal referral as part of their course selection. AHECís training has great strength because it is clinically relevant.

Our ultrasound courses are offered in one, two, three, four, and five-day sessions so that participants can choose the course that fits their proficiency needs and fits within their specific timeframe for the educational activity. AHEC utilizes the latest technology and innovative teaching methods to ensure learners receive the maximum educational benefit from each course and product offered. Each course includes a lecture component, a series of case studies designed to inform participants about common and uncommon cases relevant to the ultrasound course, and a hands-on scanning session that gives the participants adequate time to familiarize themselves with performing the ultrasound on live models.

At AHEC, CME is earned by participating in a course that is challenging and thorough. We offer the ideal ultrasound CME opportunity for physicians, technologists, and other medical professionals in need of a broader skill set.

AHEC consistently receives high ratings for the quality and amount of practical application instruction which is a key component to effective medical education.

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For more information on our ultrasound continuing medical education (CME) courses, contact AHEC today - or, visit our physician's CME ultrasound course list for all scheduling, ultrasound course descriptions and pricing information.

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If you would like to speak with an ultrasound continuing medical education expert, AHEC can be reached at (800) 239-1361; alternatively, feel free to fill out our contact form and we will be glad to respond withing 1 business day.

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