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Venous Ultrasound Training Course at Advanced Health Education Center

For comprehensive venous interpretation courses designed to train clinicians in ultrasound procedures for diagnosing vascular conditions, obtain your training at Advanced Health Education Center (AHEC) in Houston, Texas. AHEC offers courses that train physicians, sonographers and other medical professionals to skillfully perform venous ultrasound for diagnostic testing.

Why Venous Ultrasound Course?

Venous ultrasound has evolved quite a bit from the grainy, black and white, two-dimensional image that was once used as a screening tool. Thanks to advancements in Doppler technology and color imaging, venous ultrasound is now the modality of choice for early detection of many vascular conditions. Those conditions include:

  • Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
  • Cerebrovascular disease
  • Venous disease
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

That is why a proper venous ultrasound course is so critical for clinicians who treat vascular patients.

What is Covered in Our Venous Ultrasound Training?

At AHEC, venous ultrasound training begins with our qualified physician instructors presenting a thorough overview of the anatomy and hemodynamics of the vascular system. They will thoroughly address the various pathological conditions that can present during venous ultrasounds, and will present case studies that show the variations that may be present in a venous ultrasound, such as cardiac output, dehydration and infection.

During the laboratory portion of the course, participants will use our state of the art equipment to perfect their venous ultrasound protocol. Our low student-to-instructor ratio allows everyone time to perfect their protocol under the guidance of the instructor, and our instructors are available for questions after the course has ended. This is just one factor that sets the venous ultrasound training at AHEC apart from other vascular ultrasound courses.

Please note, this course can be taken on its own, or as part of our larger seven-day vascular interpretation course. A full venous ultrasound course description can be found here.

To register for this course, contact AHEC at (800) 239-1361 today - or, fill out our contact form for a fast response from an administrator.