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Abdominal Ultrasound
“Excellent course. The instructor, Shawn, was good with analogies to explain concepts. Very helpful course for me beginning ultrasound. Professor Shawn is an awesome instructor.” - Eric Y.

Advanced Emergency Medicine
“The instructor has exceptional experience both with ultrasound and teaching in general.” - Dr. Heather W. (New Zealand)

Breast Ultrasound
“Great course. I really appreciate the work the instructor puts into this class.” - Kelli B.

Carotid Duplex
“Great course! The hands-on portion was excellent, and the didactic portion had a lot of examples. Overall, it was very educational!” - Dr. Larry H.

CT Prep and Exam Review
“Very thorough and informative.” - Dana G.

“This course was very informative as was the instructor.” - Harley K.

“Great presenter, kept things interesting!” - Carrie B.

Digital Radiography and Fluoro
“Very informative and complete, directly to the subject with very relevant updates with the DNA and their possible exposures to the electromagnetic radiation, also cute and brilliant shots of fetus captured from the 4D ultrasound images. WELL DONE. THANK YOU.” - Teresa H.

“Excellent explanation, review, and reminder for all those things necessary for the protection of our patients as well as ourselves.” - Dana I.

“As a manager of a small diagnostics department and someone who likes to work with the students, I found the class informative and interesting. It was great to see that some of the information I speak about to the students, was covered by you as well. I felt that much to much time was spent on the cells, and the x-ray tube, but with that said I enjoyed the class, I learned some new information, and I will speak to my staff about your program and classes.” - John M.

“I really enjoyed class, I'm in radiation safety. I would like to see more classes for what to do in case of emergency. Thank you, GREAT job.” - Elizabeth G.

Emergency Medicine
“I really liked the instructor, Shawn. Thought his knowledge base was amazing, he went above and beyond.” - Kenny K.

“Excellent course! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their ultrasound skills. Great instructor! Classroom presentations were very helpful. The live models were great. Thank you for providing such a great experience.” - Dr. Rachel S.

“Excellent course! The instructor was an excellent presenter with a vast experience of ultrasound knowledge. Thank you!” - Dr. Luis C.

Limited OB Ultrasound
“The instructor is excellent and has a great fund of knowledge and experience. This was a worthwhile course to assist me in my practice.” - Dr. Angalene J.

MRI Prep and Exam Review
“Great course. It was very helpful. Mr. Greg made everything seem so easy. I can’t wait to take my registry.” - Krystal G.

“Very pleased in all the information that was given during the two-day lecture. Would recommend to any new tech looking for information on MR Prep.” - Alejandro S.

“I am so happy I took this course. I have a much better understanding of the material.” - Paula R.

OB/GYN Ultrasound
“More hands-on practice than I expected, which is great!” - Nichole D.

“Really enjoyed this course, I have a ton to learn but this is a great baseline to start.” - Noelia M.

“Great class! I have learned so many tricks to make scanning more time efficient!” - Ashley B.

“The instructors, Virlene and Vanessa, would full of patience and knowledge. Gained needed education and confidence to provide outstanding patient care.” - Hannah M.

“Excellent clinical instruction. I appreciate efforts to individually tailor to practice needs.” - Lynnette K.

“Enjoyed the course. Thank you for being so comprehensive yet helping with focused training.”
- Dr. Rachel B.

“This course was excellent, and I got a lot of hands on experience.” - Dr. Diane R.

Private Tutorial
“The instructor is very patient and detailed in her explanations. She made me feel much more confident and helped me work on the skills that I needed from this course.” - Linda T.

”Great course. Excellent instructor, can communicate very well.” - Dr. Rebecca C.

“The instructor, Shawn, was exceptionally insightful and he really simplified material making things simple and easy to comprehend quickly.” - Suzanne G.

Radiation Safety in Imaging Today
“Ms. Mohr helped clarify topics with her examples and past experiences. It was a great class. Thank you.” - Claudia V.

Vascular Ultrasound
“Good tips from highly experienced professionals.” - Binu K.

“Course was great. The instructor Shawn has excellent experience and is an excellent mentor.” Anil G.

Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access
“Excellent class all around. The instructor, Shawn was super nice and super knowledgeable.” - Nicholas B.

“Great class – Shawn was very knowledgeable and very patient in the on-hands scab lab.” - Tandi R.

“I have written testimonials with each Webinar attended. I just want to say again that it really is fantastic. The course topics are getting much more variety and interesting. It also allows people in this day and time of busy lives to pick and choose what works for their schedule. I really do think it's a brilliant idea and a wonderful way to reach many people and help them out. I have been going to AHEC since the nineties, and always had to drive 4 hours, depending on where the class was being held, and get a hotel room, etc. This allows me to spend less and learn more. I say Thank You to AHEC!!” - Lindsey H.

“That was the first webinar I've attended. I tried about 2 years ago but couldn't get it to work. I'm SO happy this worked, and the instructor was AWESOME!!! 5 stars!” - L. Morales

“It is nice that AHEC is staying up with technology by allowing technologists to obtain live credits from their home. Very convenient and easy to access.” - Paula F.

“Great topics, easy to attend and saves time and money.” - Randy R.

“I have used several AHEC Webinars. They have all been very informative any easy to follow. Makes it easy to rack up my CE units. Thanks AHEC!” - Raquel T.

“Thank you for recognizing the need for CE opportunities during the week, so helpful for those of us that work weekends!!” - Sheri B.

“AHEC affords a technologist the opportunity to learn without ever leaving home, the online webinar program is great for obtaining CE's. Thank you.” - Sherry M.

“I have been attending AHEC's conferences, webinars events for many years now. Easy registration process, enjoyable, informative and well worth the time.” - Susan P.

“Well presented. Easy to register, the staff are very helpful and available for technical assistance. Excellent program. As with other education reminds us as technologists to try and stay fresh and innovative. Thank you for all you do to help with our education requirements and the time you spend to make these necessary programs available.” - Sybil L.

“I highly recommend AHEC to all Radiologic Technologists! It's easy to sign up for Webinars, as well as home studies. The staff at AHEC are very professional, helpful and fabulous!” - Tanja H.

“Fantastic. With a busy work and family schedule, it is the best.” - William D.

“That was the first webinar I've attended. I tried about 2 years ago but couldn't get it to work. I'm SO happy this worked, and the instructor was AWESOME!!! 5 stars!” - Laura M.

“I have recommended AHEC to other techs before because I like the ability to be able to get my CEU’s at home and online.” - William F.

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